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JAG Australia's original denim brand, we're forever mixing old with new, classic with contemporary, the exciting with the functional. We create future favourites that are inherently JAG, and inherently Australian.

These days, JAG is more than just denim, all our pieces are designed with an effortless attitude; from rocked out indigo washes worn with floaty feminine fabrics, tactile knitwear and easy silk layers to modern and masculine cuts with functional jackets, perfect chinos, and easy shirting.

The smallest details, like the back pocket placement, are so incredibly important. It can take several fit sessions to get the part just right. It could be as small as moving a back pocket 4mm up or down to get the most flattering position. Most recently, we've partnered with the world's best denim mill, ISKO, to create a range of denim using their incredible patented Reform technology. Authentic in its appearance but with a stretch that creates a form in all the right places. In fact, the greater the pull on the fabric, the more it rebounds, both holding curves in and smoothing them out.