Hero Shopper : Check Out For Change

The JDRF story is about champions and heroes who never give up. You too can become a hero and help turn type one into type none. Join Hero Shopper and check out for change. Create Donation Dollars from what you do every day – shopping. One hero can create hundreds of Donation Dollars. Many heroes = maximum impact for people with type 1 diabetes.

Donation Dollars : Make Your Shopping Impact

Donation Dollars : Make Your Shopping Impact

Becoming a hero has never been so easy. Because every time you buy via our retailers, you create Donation Dollars that go directly to supporting type 1 diabetes research. Donation Dollars can be worth up to 25% of your spend. From your everyday shopping and living. Automatically, seamlessly - at no extra cost to you.

Shop Online & Check Out For Change

If you shop online, you should shop via our Online Shop. Because every time you do, you create Donation Dollars. Choose from hundreds of the best brands offering over three million products. Simply link to your favourite retailers from our site then shop as you normally would. And you’ll be supporting us without any extra effort!

Shop Everyday Instore & Check Out For Change

Creating Donation Dollars isn’t limited to shopping online. Your everyday shopping at the supermarket, for petrol, for drinks, at the pharmacy, and at major department stores can all earn Donation Dollars too. Buy our unique Donations eGift Cards to create Donation Dollars instantly then use your eGift Card when and where you want. It’s that simple - talk about impact shopping!

Hot Deals … Another Win-Win

Every hero deserves a special reward occasionally. Like our ‘Hot Deals’. They are ‘Hot‘ because we find you the best deals available from our online retailers. They are ‘win-win’ because you get the deals PLUS you create Donation Dollars. Just another simple way our Hero Shoppers are checking out for change.

Hero Shopping Via Search & Compare

Our amazing Search & Compare feature is making online shopping easier. Say goodbye to trawling and trying to remember your choices! Search & Compare does the work for you. It finds the products you want from our retailers – then displays all of them in one tab. Instantly. Ready for you to get more serious in shopping and donating.